IS 145 The Joseph Pulitzer Magnet School of Innovation and Applied Learning


33-34 80th Street
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

The Joseph Pulitzer Magnet School of Innovation and Applied Learning is structured into four leaning academies, each focusing on engaging students in authentic learning through applied learning principles. The academies are a hub for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) exploration via multiple pathways.  All students have rich, real-life transdisciplinary learning experiences built on student generated STEM questions that relate to each Academy focus, to core academic content, enrichment classes, and to real world experiences. Student-centered inquiry and project-based learning (PBL) that uses a transdisciplinary approach to guide students in the 5 Applied Learning Performance Standards, which relate to

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication Tools and Techniques
  • Information Tools and Techniques
  • Learning and Self-Management Tools and Techniques
  • Tools and Techniques for Working with Others

In addition to the academy labs/MakerSpaces, students will have access to an art studio, a computer lab, and in-class technology for projects. Other unique spaces include: a video studio, a music engineering studio, an engineering lab, a programming and multimedia lab, and a consumer science lab. The four academies are:

  • The Enterprise Academy – Students Entrepreneurs learn the skills needed to run their own businesses. Students take risks and create.
  • The Discovery Academy – Student Discoverers work on inquiry based study in the latest STEM fields developing scientific base for investigations and innovations. Students study the new and unexplored resulting in uncovering groundbreaking truths.
  • The Explorer Academy – Student Explorers examine and investigate new advancements in STEM to uncover new information and apply this to real world issues. Students  follow their curiosity to investigate and inquire  leading to discoveries of the future.
  • The Global Academy – Student Global Delegates participate in authentic dialogue and group study around real world events and global issues. They are global citizens who advocate for global good.

At IS 145, The Joseph Pulitzer Magnet School of Innovation and Applied Learning, our goal is to prepare our students for college and careers. Our students have opportunities to meet leaders in industry, academics and arts. We provide a broad and varied, rigorous curriculum that allows each student a glimpse into real world opportunities for the future.