PS 201 The Discovery School for Inquiry and Research: STEAM Magnet School

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62-11 155th Street
Flushing, NY 11367


Building upon the existing inquiry and research theme, PS 201 is transitioning into a STEAM themed curriculum. Each grade integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math through project-based, hands-on, investigation, where all students engage in authentic learning experiences, as they identify and solve real problems in their community and the world.

This approach moves curriculum and instruction beyond single content area to transdisciplinary units where teachers select a topic of study based on student interest, curriculum standards, and local resources, find out what students already know and help them develop their own questions Teachers provide resources and opportunities to explore, and students create solutions and share their work with others in a culminating activity that is reviewed and assessed. Through this approach, students take ownership of learning and apply their knowledge and skills in real world contexts, where math and science are more relevant and motivating. In the transdisciplinary approach, teachers bring together twenty-first century skills, knowledge and attitudes, with real-world applications and problem-solving strategies.

At PS 201, The Discovery School For Inquiry and Research: STEAM Magnet School our school community is diverse and inclusive. All families are important to us. Come visit and see our children in action.