PS 92 The Harry T Stewart Sr. Magnet School For Engineering, Architecture and the Arts

99-01 34th Avenue            
Corona, NY 11368

ps 92 logoThe Harry T Stewart Sr. Magnet School For Engineering, Architecture and the Arts Magnet School, PS 92, students  have a rigorous, comprehensive education grounded in engineering, architecture and the arts with an inquiry-based, hands-on, transdisciplinary instructional approach. Through the creation of hands-on, standards-based Project-Based Learning (PBL) units of study which teach core content through a filter of engineering, architecture and fine arts. Students apply their learning to real-world projects that benefit the school and the community. Transdisciplinary learning include 21st century skills, digital literacy, civic engagement and the engineering design process across a multidisciplinary curriculum. PS 92 has a MakerSpace which is a lab for making and doing. By providing the tools and materials for tinkering and taking stuff apart students are able to apply the engineering design cycle process – ask, imagine, plan, create, improve – while appreciating the relationship between form and function in the products they design. Students learn to critical thinking skills by constructively critiquing ideas and creating prototypes of their inventions. The rigorous STEM content along with the skills of questioning, observing, seeing patterns, and constructing meaning in a social and creative DIY (do it yourself) hub that extends beyond the school day.  Our students are empowered our to be innovators of the future.